Week 8: Matchmaker 2000!

Have you ever wondered whether you like somebody? Do you wish you knew for sure that you had a crush? Well wait no further. Now there's Matchmaker 2000! In just a few seconds you can know whether you're meant to be together. But don't trust me, build the circuit and see for yourself: schematic, board, png, c code, python match, python triangle, everything.


This board automatically learns a model of up to 3 different individuals. It then tries to pair them with their best match. Can you figure out how it works? (Hint: look at the code!)


Okay, you haven't actually implemented the code, but your'e still curious about what it actually does. Fine. Whatever. Here's ane explanation for all you impatient folks.

If you put your hand on the capacitive censor and press the button, then the chip will learn a model of your capacitive response. It will first calculate the mean response of each timed point (7 points spaced at 10 us from when you hit the button). Then it will do a second pass, and calculate 16 points to approximate the variance of the response. Then, from that point on, it will report the number of standard deviations between the current capacitive response and the models it has built.

The python scripts use this variance calculation to position the heart graphic towards the most distant model from the current observation. The "matchmaking" is then just finding the model that is least like the current input. So there you go. The mystery is gone. I hope you're happy with yourself.