Final Project Plan

I will make a robot that can locate specific objects, pick them up, and load them into an internal compartment.

I will need the following materials (some of which I already have, but putting prices down anyway):

These are the subsystems

To be determined:

The best way to localize the objects to be picked up. Distance sensor? Wireless camera with off-board vision processing? RFID?

Timeline: 10/18: program a microcontroller to control robot drive train and servo. Add power regulation circuit.
10/25: Make miniature scoop mechanisms during 3D printing.
10/01: Integrate distance sensor.
11/08: Build robot base.
11/15: Build shell.
11/22: Make final scoop mechanism.
11/29: Build robot control/communication system with Zigbee.
12/06: Integrate all subsystems.
12/13: final project presentations