lap pet

stroke my keys.

"sometimes i get lonely. but now i can feel needed AND have a gateway to all the other lonely people feeling just as lonely as i do" --a happy lap petter
this new portable computer appendage is designed with the 21st century in mind. no longer do you have to scoop litter or shed all over your co-workers or pay for expensive organic cat food because that's the ethical thing to do or leave the party early so you can make sure mittens doesn't scratch away the new upholstery job on your davenport, only so you have someone to go home to. instead, you don't have to go home! because you can take your no-maintenance, fur-free friend with you!

fits better than a paw.


this portable board sits neatly below your keyboard, right where the heel of your palms rest. it's soft and snuggly, simulating the presence of a real, live animal.


not only is it a soft and cuddly substitute while you skype with people you wish were sitting in your lap, but it gives you the sense that you're needed.


while your arms are resting on the keyboard bed, nothing happens. your lap pet is fine, satisfied that you're giving it physical attention. but as soon as you walk away, or decide to take a sip of your coffee sitting next to you, the animal becomes alarmed, notifying you that you've left it alone and it's not happy. this pops up on the screen.


the device operates using a resistive pressure sensor, programmed through an ATtiny45. Using Processing software, the microcontroller knows when you're on or off the pad, activating the message to appear, begging you to come back if you've left. and if you're there, an image of you with your imaginary cat will steadily bounce in the lower corner of the screen as a reminder that you have obligations. so don't leave your lap pet.