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Final Project Budget and Schedule

what are you going to make?
A portable canopy.

what will it do?
In addition to providing shade during the daytime, it will light up when dark with LED lights programmed to respond to sound. At a party, for example, this canopy will process local sound levels to interate, in light, that information. Where there is whispering, it will flicker over the whisperers. Where there is quiet conversation, it will glow. Where there is a group, it will steadily provide light. Where it is loud, raucous conversation, it will randomly blink. Where it is very loud, it will blink uniformely.

how will you make it?
Laser or water jet cut "leaf" components out of plastic thin enough to bend but thick enough to be stiff when folded. I will also make LED arrays (Charlieplexing) that will each be a group of leaves, also each with a mic input. I will make 5 of these leaf groups and connect them together to cover a large area.

what are the materials, components, and systems?

  • LEAF: Cast Acrylic, 0.03" translucent sepia color
  • PCB-1: LED Array with WHITE 1206 LED's and own power source (9v battery)
  • PCB-2: Mic Input
  • what questions will need to be resolved?
    - How can I make the leaf stiff up into a shape using electric current? MOSFET??

    what is the schedule?
    - October: Order materials. Design and start fabrication of leaf components
    - Early November: Design wiring
    - Thanksgiving Week: Mock-up, start production
    - End of November- Early December: Assembly, trouble-shooting
    - December 13: Present!

    what is the budget?
    - Leaf body: (4) sheets of 12x24", .08" thick, clear cast acrylic = $ 25 from McMaster Carr
    - Electric wiring (copper tape) = $ FREE
    - 100 WHITE LED's = $ TBD

    want to get some white LED (1206)'s () and maybe some Flexinol (0.008" dia) ( )