MIC to LED ARRAY (toward final project)

Networking and Communications is conveniently the last piece of the puzzle for my final project. I basicallly need to figure out how to make my LED array respond to the information gathered by the mic.
This week I finally made my mic input pick up sound info, after much consternation:
All week I was getting NOTHING, just steady static, NO response to sound:

Finally, after a bunch of soldering and de-soldering:

The problem I think was a small strand of hair or something like that that was connecting the + and - of the mic. I am not sure, but that was probably it... It was really driving me to despair. (Thanks for your help Yadid!)
Now I finally have a working mic PCB and a working LED array PCB.


I am greatly indebted to guru Matt Miller for explaining some basic concepts in programming to me. It was so helpful. I basically needed to program the following:
For the MIC board:

  • Do a loop, 1-2-3-4
  • Make reading
  • Send High and Low bytes via output pin (MOSI on 6-pin header)

  • So here's the code:

    For the LED Array board:
  • Get char from input pin (use MOSI on 6-pin header)
  • Read loop
  • Read High and Low bytes and MAKE INTO 16-bit int (VAL)
  • Write what to do with that... how to blink

  • Here's the code for that:

    So I programmed each of them separately, and connected up with a battery source for the LED, the mic conncted via serial for power, and the two grounds and MOSI's connected... AND NOTHING.

    CRUNCH TIME!!!! (final project update)


  • PROGRAMMING: GLOW-- Looked at RGB c file, still can't get it to work...
  • Program LED array to respond to sound info from mic PCB

  • Get programming figured out
  • Fabricate Leaf components on lasercutter
  • Attach vinyl-cut receiver pads and link with bronze wire
  • Stuff all leaves and PCB's
  • Assemble components to one group of LED leaves
  • Install in situ
  • My white LED's are 20 amps, not 10 amps, like the green and red 1206's in inventory. Do I need to change the resistance on PCB?
  • How do I physically connect the LED PCB with the mic PCB? With the 6-pin header? Cut power line?
  • How do I make my LED's glow?
  • Can a 9-V battery power both boards?