LED Canopy that responds to Sound

First, with David Mellis' help, I figured out the code and made sure it worked on the LED array and MIC input PCB's I'd made earlier.

PCB powered via serial, MIC via battery, two connected via 6-pin header with power line (pink) cut

Then with David Cranor's help, I etched the board of leaf components and a bunch of LED array PCB's I'd designed earlier:

punched holes thru LED pad's for remote connection, thanks Sofia for lending me your tool

I tried to connect via bronze wire, not conductive enough, switched to insulated wire

After LOTS of soldering... I am now a soldering master

Some amount of time went into debugging blank LED's

Ran code into new LED array, now it responds to stuff when hooked up to MIC. Power a little spotty, have to hold down header for juice to flow: