Since my studio space is so dismal, I thought I'd brighten things up with a coffee table. I wanted to make the top with the waterjet, out of glass, marble, or steel, but didn't get my act together to locate those materials in time. So I just cut it entirely out of MDF on the ShopBot. I used AutoCAD to design and prepare the file for milling on the ShopBot. Two pieces intersect to create the leg support. Other than the ShopBot in the architecture section breaking down during the time slot I signed up for, everything went pretty smoothly. I used 15000 rpm, 240 in/min. The edges were slightly burred but I just scraped it off with my finger nails.

Important not to work alone...

The table legs kind of look like devils.

Legs fit together with a little mallet action.

Finished product, in situ.

Tabletop with my week 2 assigment