Week 7: 3D Scanning and Printing

3D Scanning

After really interesting sections on the structured light method and CAT x-ray scanning, I used the Z-Corp laser scanner (crosshair pointer with two cameras) in the arch lab to scan my Korean ceramic teapot.

I find this very expensive equipment hilarious. It looks like a mini-spaceship fighter

I covered it in reflective dots
It has a slightly shiny glaze to it, but the 3D scan came out well anyway:

3D Printing

Since I do not plan to use the 3D printer in my final project in any way, it was actually difficult to come up with something to make using this very expensive and slow way of making something. It had to be small. And the one thing the 3D printer can do is to nest an object inside another one. So I decided to make a toy, and be unapologetically frivolous. Using Rhino, I made this design for a spinning top:

It has two small balls inside

It was sent with the Saturday morning batch, and was still being printed during class.

Unfortunately, I think the slope on my design was too steep for the printer. It came out in parts:

I made the thickness 1/8", so I do not think it was a problem with thickness. Too bad... I would have like to see it spin.