WEEK 9 Output Device
Heater Unit
This week I built a part of my final project – heater unit

Concerning to add more output for the finals and easy for myself to program (I know a little bit about processing), I choose to make a fabduino with the great help by Ed Baafi.

Finish the soldering. But it can not be programmed. Debugging for tons of times, I still can not find the problem.

So, I make another one. But it still doest not work. Finally we find out it is the problem of the FTDI cable.

Making the heater unit:

using the nichrome wire:

Then I found insulated nichrome wire from my friend's chemistry lab.

Using asbestos cloth as the cover

add another one metal layer to get even heating area:

This week I test my project on the breadboard instead of cutting an pcb:

Then, using a 15v DC power supply: