11/28: mechanical design, machine design

Assignment: make the MTM Snap machine

For this assignment, I learned and reviewed

After cutting materials with shopbot (thanks, Emma and Lining),
we started assembling MTM.
With Jonathan's guidunce, we firstly built outer part and the base.

We didn't have "how to build it", so we reverse-engineered it, observing Janathan's MTM. If we have lists with photos of all parts, that would be useful to check if we have everything before assembly (Thanks, Travis for checking all parts). We drilled holes for screws with the mathine and started building parts to controll a mill head.
3 hours later, we completed
I thought that won't take long to do final assembly...., but 3 more hours. The assembling motors took time. It needed simultaneous assembling multiple parts (shaft, motor, plastic part, washer) It was very hard to put shafts through the part, because shafts were slightly thikere than the diameter of the hole of the part..... We tried to sharpen the tip of the shaft and the other type of the part. I noticed that I forgot to add washers after building everything....and did it again.