01 | computer-controlled-cutting
bringing sexy back to walking

pedestrian footbridge in jakarta

bike racks and covered walkway in mumbai

bus waiting ramp in dhaka

process - a lego approach
i knew i wanted to create pieces that could build a sexier sidewalk but since i have limited experience
as designer, i decided to start first with simple but flexible pieces rather than a vision of what i wanted
the outcome to look like. i used inkscape to create some simple but flexible pieces that could be joined
in a variety of ways e.g. 2-dimensionally like a puzzle and at a variety of angles 3-dimensionally. i created
different sized holes and a variety of shapes without any intention of how they might be used. finally, since
i was unsure of the thickness of the cardboard, i did a couple of iterations in real-time when i saw how the
pieces fit together.

my inkscape file

my lego pieces

my helpful assistant (also the most sought after cult beer in america)

my first time laser-cutting (someone needs a haircut)

Tom and John in the CBA lab for their help with the laser cutter, Vernelle for taking pics for me
in the CBA lab and Kelly for helping me with archive and Dreamweaver