02 | electronics production
and the law of unintended consequences

fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice shame on me; fool me 5 times . . .

meet santoshi, the hindu god of patience

the milling machine, my frenemy

fail #1 don't use the shears to cut out the board

fail #2 make sure the 1/64 drillbit is not worn out

fail #3 make sure the tape is the the good double-sided sticky kind - otherwise the board may slip

fail #4 setting the 1/64th traces drill to -0.15 on the z instead of -0.14 makes a difference

fail #5 setting the 1/32 cutting drill to 3.7 speed rather than 4.0 speed makes a difference

at this point, this is what I was thinking about doing to the milling machine (don't tell john!)

the law of unintended consequences
then something magical happened - after 5 visits and 8 hours in the CBA fab lab, Santoshi brought me a board on the
6th try and helped me solder the pieces and program it on the 1st try! as it turns out, despite the frustration, i ended up
getting to know a ton of my classmates a lot better - Janice, Paulina, Sarah, Alan, Prashant, and Eyal -- and perhaps
that was the point of the whole exercise!