Make Something Big...

(Battle with the Shopbot)

Our house has tower.   An absurdly small tower.    A chair won't even fit.    These are the steps up to the tower -- very steep.    These stair also function as a skylight for the upstairs hallway.
steep stairs

As an attempt to make the space usable as a reading nook, I put in a bench.   I was inspired by a design encyclopedia by a bench that is made of slats of wood.   I was also inspired by the plywood box stools up in the Arch shop.
For this assignment, I wanted to build a shelf/armrest to keep people from falling down the stairs while using the bed.

raw idea
The wood I selected was  marine grade  Merranti A/B -- Merranti is Philippine mahogany.    It splinters a bunch, but it is very strong.
This made for a sheet of pieces.  
plywood cheese
Shopbot settings were: 1/8" 80 speed, 60 plunge (inches per minute) .5" cut 18k RPM on a 2 flute 1/4" shank end mill.

Initial pieces were cut from scraps from MDF for fit.    The final pieces were cut from one sheet.    Once they are finished, the pieces will be stacked and attached to the wall.

people and stairs

Lessons Learned:

    Super special thanks to Moritz and Felecia for their help!   I wouldn't have been able to do it without you!

Final Project:   
The Ideal:
   Ideally, I want to make as many of the machines we have used in class as I can.

This could include:
Sound impossible, it probably is!

    Many of the machines have the same architecture -- a 2D or 3D positioner and a tool.    I have collected over the years many mechanisms including:
So what will I really be doing:
Pile o parts