(sorry about last week - defended my thesis proposal! Still managed to put together an Arduino clone and do some laser speckle sensing with an ADNS-9500 mouse sensor)

Output Devices

LED Board and Driver

In the spirt of this weeks assignment, I chose to make some LEDs shine. Some very very bright LEDs. This is a project that has been cooking for quite some time,but I've just managed to put it all together.

A few LEDs

After I set up my Documentation Rig I needed some light. I put together a ring light design to drive 20 Avago ASMT-J ultrabright white LEDs.

Driver Schematic

It's not trivial to drive that many LEDs, for this design, I used a National Semiconductor LM3404 switchmode constant current LED driver.

The driver takes in simple PWM values from an input device I havn't designed yet...

Cad of incomplete mechanical layout

I am most of the way completing a nice mechanical enclosure for this.