Laser Cutter

Attempt #1


Nada. Many thanks to Moritz and Justin for spending hours helping me to debug my file. I was using a .png created in Inkscape via 'save as' and it tunrs out this method of saving the file does not include appropriate units. The Fab modules have since been changed.


Attempt #2

Ah! The (not so) sweet smell of success! I can veritably taste the fumes of burning cardborad!

Attempt 2

I measured the cardboard to be 0.145 inches, but due to the compressibility of the material, I was concerned about the accuracy of this measurement. I cut a panel of monkeys with notches in a range of sizes, varied by 0.002 inches each. The 0.139 monkey was the most effective. I also observed that the hand-notch on the monkey was weak, as there was too little material behind it. The foot notches and the notches on the larger monkeys with wider arms were more sturdy. I used the Epsilon 120W laser cutter at 22% power and 55% speed. I could probably have gone up a bit in power or down a bit in speed to allow for easier extraction of the complex shape from the board. Thanks Shahar for helping me figure out the printing!


Attempt #N


The monkeys have opted to take on a life of their own and create their own laser cutting file. I think the last time I looked there was a coconut tree and a very large bunch of bananas on the screen...


Vinyl Cutter

Attempt #1


The first vinyl cutter attempt was marginally better than the the first laser cutting attempt. I did in fact cut something. Or rather, I told the machine what to cut and it actually sort of listented to me. Emphasis on the 'sort of.' I corrected the file problem mentioned to the left by exporting the file to a bitmap rather than 'save as' a .png. Also, I used masking tape and vinyl as backing for the card I cut, and this did not come off very easily. I should have used another type of adhesive backing. Thanks to Moritz and Skylar for help with the files, fab modules, and cutter.


Attempt #2


Much better. The vinyl cutter does not like to cut file folders. It likes to cut vinyl. Duh.


Attempt #N


Happy monkey family.