[final] make a magnetic pad for drawing with haptic feedback

Eagle files (Schematic and Board Layout).

Code files (Arduino and Processing).

FINAL PROJECT: Touch without Touching--Combining IR Sensing with Haptic Feedback Technologies.

What is the Goal?

I want to use this system to touch/feel the environment from a distance away from my body. This is like a probe or a stick blind people use to get a sense of space. I think this project could have interesting useful applications but I see it more as an experiment to try out the way we interact with the environment through technology.

What's the prior Art [a]?

In the artistic domain, I like the work of Rebecca Horn and her project Finger Gloves (1972). She is preoccupied with how to extend her own body into space.

What's the prior Art [b]?

In the haptic feedback domain, the Cyber Glove system is the state of the art. It is mainly a HCI approach based on haptic feedback. They have developed different gloves to interact with the computer or to remotely control machines. Particularly interesting is the CyberGrasp model that has a network of artificial tendons routed to the fingertips via an exoskeleton. According to them this glove 'let you reach into your computer and grasp computer-generated or tele-manipulated objects.'

What's the prior Art [c]?

In the sensing domain, the state of the art is the use of 3D scanners to generate digital 3D representationf of the environment.

What are the Systems and Components?

The technologies are out there, developed and available. My contribution is to combine both Sensing and Haptic Feedback technologies and use them not to interact with the computer but rather to extend the way we interact with our environment.

What questions will you need to answer?

How to sense and How to feel.... how to make these systems tinny and how to attach them to hands or body. Any suggestions?