Command Line Cheat Sheet (For Cygwin in Windows)

Cheat sheets are the best thing that ever happened to my test-taking abilities, and now they can help you use command line too! This cheat sheet relates specifically to using Cygwin in Windows - things are slightly different (read: easier) for Mac and Linux users, although they are basically the same. Also note that Cygwin is different from cmd.exe in Windows - cmd.exe is never used!

Why should you even bother to use this cheat sheet and Cygwin? The command line is a very specific, powerful tool that can make tasks faster than using a GUI, because you simply type in the commands that you want. It is especially useful in running Mercurial and in navigating/editing files.

Basic Syntax

Cygwin syntax has the following structure:


The command runs a specific program, and the options/arguments give more information about what the program should do.

Frequently Used Commands