Filip is Making MAS 863.11

Week 5 / Casting and Moldmaking

Because my final project will deal with sound and acoustics, I decided to explore the possibility of making different kinds of acoustic panels. In particular, I was interested in mixing contrasting materials - hard+soft for example.

I used the ShopBot to surface mill a mold since there was a shortage of wax.


End Mill 1/4" down-cut

Speed 10,000 rpm

Feed Rate 100

Plunge Rate 40

I also milled a larger mold using high-density foam, into which the smaller cast components would fit

I coated the 'container'with sandable-gesso and then...sanded it.

I added weep holes to the mold so that I could lessen the chance of air-pockets

The pieces I cast in the foam were not very accurate and for smaller components, totally unusable

I used the large gesso covered mold to hold the smaller cast pieces, as well as some ear-plugs - it is supposed to be an acoustic panel after all.