Filip is Making MAS 863.11

The End

During the input and output devices portion of the course, I developed an interest in using micro-controllers to make and visualize sound. For my final project, I intend to develop a basic building "sound" block. Meaning, a smart component that attaches to others in order to generate a sound wave. The purpose is to create a tangible version of the process - an indexed surface of objects that suggest the "type" of sound.

By mapping the programming onto physical objects, the relationship between building the sound and augmenting becomes much more intuitive, spatial and accessible to a larger range of people, challenging the traditional idea of performance and performer.

Plan B

TWhile I found APA to be incredibly useful and full of potential, it did not support what I was trying to achieve with my final project, which was a component based musical instrument - something that needs to be physically reconfigured to be played.

There were many Plan B's along the way. The images below will guide you through some of the key point in which the direction had to change - material failure, design failure, machine failure. The final object is nothing like I would have imagined and really emerged as a result of having to shift tooling strategies. It was also the first time I used the vinyl cutter and...I think we connected.

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