Filip is Making MAS 863.11

Week 9 Output Devices

Voltage Converters, MOSFET, P-channel and N-Channel. Perhaps more important are the letters: PWM

Success was highly limited during the Ninth week. I had designed and built a break-out sound amplifier board during week 6 and so assumed I could try something more adventurous this week. After building the Hello.Speaker.45 board, I programmed it using the C code that was give to us by Neil, using Arduino as the compiler/programmer. No problem. Off to a running start. And then I proceeded to struggle with PWM, Pulse Width Modulation. I could not figure out how to use the internal timer to create pulses, actually, I achieved pulses, but could not create tones. FAIL.


I eventually decided to try something else and so I built the Fabduino, hoping that I could then figure out how to re-design it to include an voltage convertor, MOSFET, and external power supply. That remains to be seen. For now, I built it and burned the bootloader. Its ready.

Programming the Fabduino is a little tricky because it requires routing the connections from the ISP header into the linear header on the board. You need to check the Atmega168 DataSheet to locate these point. See image below for said information