Posture-Correcting Earrings, Part 1


This week’s theme was output devices. I had originally wanted to make a rotatable feather-on-a-stick cat toy that moves whenever the cat is near, but the servo I ordered didn’t get here in time...

Instead, I worked on one of my final project ideas, which is to make posture-correcting jewelry. For instance, a earring that would make noise whenever your head was bent down, so people would learn to keep their head upright. This is really useful in dancing, for example.

I started with the hello world speaker board, then tested it with a lilypad speaker (thanks Akito!) and a 3V watch battery. Then, I talked with Jie, who showed me this awesome idea for press-fit watch battery holder and gave me some tilt sensors to play with.

The battery holder is pretty, no?

Here’s a video of my proof-of-concept board. Whenever the tilt sensor is tilted to the left, the speaker plays Neil’s square wave song. Whenever the tilt sensor is level, the speaker is quiet.


I want to make pretty things.