The Good, the Bad, the Unfinished



I started out the term thinking I was going to go down the food-related path. Sure, I started with laser cut cookies...

And then I dabbled with rocking horses and xylophones...

But what I was really into soon became apparent...

Until finally...

All in all, it’s pretty astonishing to think that, at the beginning of the semester, I was nervous about using a soldering iron. I want to thank all the TAs and John and Tom for being such amazing (and patient!) people. You guys rock.

And for a bit of fun trivia, the shop is an exciting place! How exciting? Well, see the big peak on my skin conductance reading at around 3 pm? That’s when I went down to the shop to use the shopbot.

Unfinished Ideas

  1. 1.Homebrew Skin Conductance Sensor

Let’s take the step response circuit from Input Week, attach it to electrodes, and use it as a skin conductance sensor!

  1. 2.Love Meter

Similar idea as the skin conductance sensor. The Love Meter works by having two people hold one end of the TxRx step response board with one hand, and the other person’s hand with the other. The theory being that, if a person secretly harbors a crush for someone, they’ll get more nervous at the prospect of touching their hand, and result in increased skin conductance.

  1. 3.Tilt-sensing Earring

Posture-correcting earrings that beeps when you lower your head.

  1. 4.Light Instrument

Phototransistor + Colored LED. The phototransistor detects different colors of light and plays a different pitch according to the color.


Making stuff is awesome. And yeah, I like cats.