For this project, I connected two fabduinos via I2C

Networking | Fabduino Network

For this week, I built two new fabduinos that I will need for my final project, stuffed them and burned the boot-loader successfully. Afterwards, I connected them via analog ports 4 and 5 with 1k pull-up resistors connected to 5v:

I then programmed the fabduinos with the arduino Wire library, with one as slave and the second as master. Dowload the code here

Fabduino Network from j jacobs on Vimeo.

When the led on pin 13 blinks on the slave, the slave is receiving a value of 0 from the master. When the led on pin 12 blinks, it receives a value of 1. I plan to use this technique for my final project.

Final Project update | Stepper Motor Driver

To attempt to get greater torque with my small steppers, I designed and built a driver board to run them with 5 and a dual H-bridge (L293DD).Board and Schematic files here.

I stuffed the board and hooked it up successfully to the motor and the fabduino, however at this point it doesn't seem to be adding that much additional torque. I have more stepper motors rated for extra torque set to arrive on tuesday.