For this project I played with both the hall effect sensor and the basic phototransistor. I used paper and vinyl cut copper for both circuits.

Phototransistor | Detecting Light

I wanted to make sure I completed the assignment, so I made a basic phototransistor board on a piece of paper with the vinyl cutter, programmed it in c and tested it with the python script. Success!

Hall Effect Sensor | Detecting Magnetic Field

I wanted to try out the hall effect sensor as well as build a basic fabduino with the vinyl cutter. Building and programming the fabduino was a bit of a challenge, because my drivers conflicted with those in the arduino library, so I was unable to burn the bootloader to the attiny 168. Instead I coded it in C. Though the board programmed successfully and I tested it with the onboard LED, I'm not entirely sure if the Hall effect sensor is working correctly. When I ran the python script and checked it with a magnet, I linear feedback, but it was a very subtle change.

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