For this project I used openFrameworks as an interface for a hall-effect sensor and a dc motor.

First Attempt | Hall Effect Sensor

Using the openFrameworks serial library, connected my hall effect sensor to my fabduino and read directly from the analog pin to determine the proximity of the magnet. It worked!

Second Attempt | DC Motor Control

I designed a basic dc motor board to cut on the vinyl cutter and connect to my paper arduino

Software | Controlling With OF

Because serial communication is not fast enough to send microsecond commands required for precise control of the motor, I wrote my own firmata extension to allow OF to call custom commands by setting pins 3 and 4 to high and low. I then set openFrameworks to change the speed of the motor based on the mouse position and the direction depending on key presses.

Open Frameworks controls DC motor from jennifer jacobs on Vimeo.