usually our eyes are here

but what if they were here?

The fact that our eyes are on our head has an extremely strong consequence on our experiences. However, this localization is a purely contingent matter; our eyes may have been located somewhere else on our body. If this were so, we would experience spaces in a whole new way and our world would undoubtedly (both subjectively and objectively) appear very different. With these motivations, I propose for the final project a device that relocates our sense of sight.


Inspired in part by one of the creatures of Pan's Labyrinth, I want to relocate our eyes to our hands. After a bit of research, I found that the image of the eye on the hand is something called 'hamsa.' According the Wikipedia, this is an Arabic symbol for protection from evil.


Specifically, the design will consist of a mask that blocks our view but with an embedded display as well as gloves with a small camera attached. Sleeves that house and protect the wiring from the camera to the battery. I will have to design a system that allows which hand-camera to display on the monitor. Also, I'd like to be able to the record the videos displayed.

To build this I will need the following:
- Small (4" display)
- Small cameras
- Signaling and power wiring
- Battery
- Circuit board
- Fabric and thread

To build this I will have to make and do the following:
- 3D Scan a face, model the mask to fit to the face and allow space for embedded display+appropriate wires, ABS 3d print the mask, waterjet covering (cool, faceted-design?) for the mask
- Sew a sleeve to house the wires and allow a camera to mount onto the end of the sleeve.
- Design, mill, and stuff circuit board to control the signaling, recording, and powering the display and cameras.