MAS 863: How to Make (Almost) Anything

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    <Under Mac Bash Terminal>

    1. Install X-Code

    2. Set up GCC environment by installing CrossPack

    When you try to run some code, but it indicates that it cannot find GCC, you could try this tutorial to link the terminal to the GCC path:

    3. Connect FabISP with computer with a mini USB cable, no driver is needed for Mac

    4. Connect your board with FabISP through a rainbow 6-pin cable, and with computer with a FTDI cable

    You shouldn't need a driver for FTDI cable in mac, but if you need one (mac cannot recognize the cable), download here

    5. Upload the program to the board through FabISP:

    1) make -f filename.make(make the hex and run file)
    2) make -f filename.make program-usbtiny-fuses (if you default fuse, then you don't need to run this line; check Neil's make file example to see if there's usbtiny-fuse line in the make file, to decide if you need to do this or not; you might need the change the file name and number of the microcontroller in the make file; check the fuse number)
    3) make -f filename.make program-usbtiny ( upload the program to the micro-controller)

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