MAS 863: How to Make (Almost) Anything

Program FabISP

Based on the Tutorial from Chris.

  1. Make sure that when using another FabISP to program your FabISP, the SJ2 jumper needs to be closed on both programmers to provide power to the target board.

  2. Download "", the WinAVR package, and the Windows TinyUSB driver (just unzip to the Desktop).

    Connect the 6-pin connector from the programmer to the target board, matching pin 1 to pin 1, etc. Then, plug in the programmer into the computer via USB. When it searches for software, direct the wizard to the TinyUSB driver folder.

    From Cygwin, use the command cd to get to the firmware folder, and have that set up for now.

    Open up the Makefile in WORDPAD, NOT NOTEPAD (WordPad will have everything organized nicely). You'll see these lines:

    • #AVRDUDE = avrdude -c usbtiny -p $(DEVICE) # edit this line for your programmer

    • AVRDUDE = avrdude -c avrisp2 -P usb -p $(DEVICE) # edit this line for your programmer

    • You'll want to uncomment (remove the #) from the line that has usbtiny, and comment (place #) on the line that has avrisp2

  3. Save the Makefile. Now, run the following commands in Cygwin:

    • make clean
      make hex
      make fuse
      make program

And there you have it! The programmer should be all set! Just remember to remove SJ1 once you are done.

You could open the Mac information window to check if FabISP is there:

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