MAS 863: How to Make (Almost) Anything

Eagle Session
ISP header
FTDI header : easy way to communicate with your computer

high impedance (pin is floating), high, low
pull out resistor: make sure it's hight      pin 4: reset pin; when program the board, the pin is set low (0); when you disconnect, the reset pin is hight (1)
8 MHz internal timer; when u talk to motor, u need a higher clock, pin 3, external timer for 20Mhz
tiny microprocessor

for the schematic:
net: make a logical connection
name: assign (all the ground has to be connected !!! otherwise there's no reference) (don't close either the schematic or layout)
add: for adding components
value: anything with value, type in value to add the value immediately
label: reveal the named name
show GND : in both 
tip: use green line (net) everywhere
junction: connect the lines
erc: electronic check

for the layout:
route: for layout (click once to make the route turn) (change width, .016 is default)
rip : get rid of the route I made
rats: simplify connection, and check missing connections (it's just schematic influencing in the layout, not the revise way)
move: command + right click to move the entire group
group: group everything
move: move single selected component
right click to rotate
erc again
text: or export eagle as an png first, then add text
info: change the properties

drc: machine cutting check out
-  navigate to "clearance": keep everything for 16mil
-  navigate to"file": check (DRC no errors, that's fine)

final 3 things you want to do:
erc on schemetic
erc on layout
drc on layout

display: we want only the top layer to be shown "none" -> "top"
"fie" -> "export" -> "image" (1000 dpi resolution, and Monochrome)

You could also show dimension in layout, export again (same dpi) 



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