Input Devices

(Week 8)

For this weeks assignment I decided to try and build a PCB that could be reprogrammed without the need of a USB cable.

For this I used the Phototransistor board and customised it to create a Voxel (3D Pixel) PCB that can be reprogrammed through any monitor. By sending a series of light pulses the device interprets these as bits of data which are then be used to alter the devices behavior.

The example Colour Picker application sends 4 bytes of data to the device which are used to define the RGB values and the state of the led (Solid or Fade).

There is also a serial example sends the incoming bytes received as light pulses back to a computer via a serial port. Both of these examples can be found at the following link.

Web Programmer

Board Design

Final Board

Serial Data Test

Colour Picker