Inputs [light-puts]


FABISP Fabrication to reading PCB Inputs for an FSR(Force Sensitive Resistor).

1. Print FabISP programmer.I had to reprint my FabISP this week because my computer was not able to communicate with it. If your debugging lasts over an hour, it's probably better to just remake the board.Now it's time to program your FABISP with another programmer either a usbtiny or avrispmkii with a Make file to load program onto ATtiny MC.Note: if you're running linux on virtual machine, then you will not be able to program the board in linux. I tried several instances, and had VMware point to the FabISP in Linux and no chance. Maybe a google search will yield better results.

2.Your FabISP is ready to program your new PCB. In my case, I downloaded and tried the test board for a phototransistor circuit. There are three types of files that you will need to create to be able to test your board:



The python file is used to receive values on the computers Rx pin, and inturn, creates a GUI to allow us to visualize those values based on intensity of light of the phototransistor.

The image below is a circuit board I have started designing in Eagle, to create a pressure sensor circuit.