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For this week I attempted the Step Response capacitive sensor. I have a very limited understanding of what happens here. And I should say I desired greatly to work backwards and write the code for this board in Arduino at leas to the point where I could make the serial work. Alas, it has not yet happened.

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I never really figured out what to do with the ground for the loading board. it just equalized everything when I connecte it to either copper plate.

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But the sensor returned the desired results when I disconnected the ground. IDKWTFIGO.

I was able to measure using the python script that NG provide. I feel like just the coding is a huge challenge.


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I milled, stuffed, and programmed both the loading board and the transmit recieve board. This process is becoming smoother. This might be the most hopeful take away from this week.

I don't fully understand the difference here accept that I know the loading board is taking three different readings along the capicitence curve, this appears to be a singular measurement that and is maybe the same data as the first board, accept that the three measurements are not isolated. $10 says this theory is no where near correct.

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