FabISP in-circuit programmer

I had to do two PSBs because I couldn’t program the first one and me and the TA’s couldn’t find the problem.
The first PCB slides on the double table at the end of the milling process on the Madella and the contour cutting wasn’t perfect.
I had to manually cut and file the PCB so it will have a rectangle shape.
I guess this might be the reason for the it not working.

The first PCB

Making the rainbow cable
I am pretty sure I am not inventing anything but this is an easy way to make the rainbow cable (using vice to tighten the connectors on the cable)

What I learned

1. Start soldering only when you are sure your PCB is perfect.

2. Its east to put solder on small and close legs and then use the copper braid to clean the unnecessary solder.

3. All the explanation and guides are fine, but I think everyone should find his own technique to do the soldering.