Input devices

Light Sensor
This week I did the basic assignment because the electronics, the C and Python programming were all new to me. The first board I did was a light sensing board. I designed it so the sensor will be vertical to the board and I could push it in a pipe and measure the amount of light inside the pipe or in the direction the pipe is pointing to.

I designed the board in Eagle and used the outline traces to separate the board into to pieces, One with all the electronics and other with the light sensor. The boards press fitted into each other and I soldered the traces in the 90 degrees connections.

I had a problem milling the part with a cut trace that was too thin. The Madella didn’t make that cut and I had some traces connected underneath the Tiny 45. I only found out about it with the help of Brien. We removed the microcontroller and I cut the connected traces with a scalpel. Then I re-soldered the microcontroller and the board worked.
When I pushed it into the pipe the vertical board broken and started to tilt a little bit. I fixed it with hot glue.

Step Sensor
I tried the step sensor . Again I did the example in the class web page (thought I did re-design it in Eagle) and used the C code and the python code from site. It worked!

Micorphone Sensor
I also tried the microphone sensor but I couldn’t make it work. I still need to find the reason for it not working. I actually make 2 of those because I had the traces not being cut problem in the first one. I remove the connected traces with scalpel but it didn’t work after I re-soldered it. I decided to make a new one but this one didn’t work as well. I will try to find the reason this coming week.

This is the other side of that PCB