Casted dreidel
This week I decided to make a dreidel (as Hanukah approaches). This dreidel is symmetrical in 6 ways: each of it’s 6 ends can be used as the handle, the tip or one of the 4 sides. Unlike traditional dreidels this one has 8 options of final position as it rest on three of it’s 6 ends.

Making the molds

In the design of the CAD model, the trickest part was to fillet all the ends into a smooth nice surface.

The milling of the wax mold went easy.

For some reason the air pipe that I planed of the material to get into the mold, didn’t came out in the mill , so I drilled a hole into the mold and inserted a metal rod.

Taking the silicone mold out of the wax mold wend easy as well.

Images of the mold

The dreidels stack nicely…
Casting silicone


I decided to try make a mask using composite material: canvas and plaster. I milled a negative mold from foam (polystyrene) and laid stripes of soaked canvas stripes on it.