Final project suggestion - Additive lathe

what's the goal?
The idea for this project is to create a digital additive lathe. As appose to normal lathe which is subtractive, my idea is to add material to an object as it spins.
The goal for this project is to create a new digital fabrication tool, that will allow the creation of new objects and forms.
What's the prior art?
As far as I know (or google knows) I couldn’t find a lathe of this kind.
There are some examples and inspiration for digital tools of painting (the eggbot) and manual methods of adding material to a spinning object.

The EggBot:

Cocoon production by Flos

What are the systems and components?
For making this lathe I will need to build a structure to hold the components, I will use motors, design a dispensing mechanism, and write a software to make something when the machine will be done.
There will be at least three systems in the design:
The first system will spin the preliminary mold or object which will be dispensed with material.
The second system will be a depositing head that will deposit material in a selective way.
The third system will move the depositing head on the X axis.

What questions will you need to answer?
I have a lot of question to answer.
The first and most important one is what kind of mold or base to use for the material to be deposited on?
How can I layer material to create volume?
Is there a need for support material?
And ofcourse many technical question that I hope will find an answer as the course progresses.