Final project update

What will it do?
The Additive Lathe is a kind of 3d printer that prints onto a rotating object.
It has 2 degrees of freedom, one is the x axis that runs with a gear on a rail.
The second degree in the rotation of the object. Unlike regular lathes the object here can spin in both directions and can do steps because of the stepper motor that spins the spindle.
The spindle is made out of one print of ABS plastic with moving gears and slides that will move (hopefully) after the support material will be dissolved.

What's been done before?
I couldn’t find any other attempts to make an additive lathe.
The design of the Additive Lathe is based on few “maker” machines.
The eggbot , the M2M snap and the makerbot.
The inspiration was taken from the eggbot (adding material on an object instead of drawing on it)
The extruder head in inspired from the makerbot extruder.
The moving printing head assembly is inspired by the M2M snap, alond with the flexible shaft holders that allows final adjustment to make the shaft parallel.

What will you need to develop?
By now I have the mecahnial design figured out. I hope that building in will go smooth and I will be able to focus on the electronics and the programming aspect of the project.
What will be done when?
The coming week (out of the two left) I will dedecated to building the machine. The final week I will work on the electronics and programming- setting up an interface.

What materials and components will be needed?
  • MDF, HDPE, and Acrill
  • 3 stepper motors and a 24V power supply
  • Shafts, bearings, timing belts and pullies
  • Nycrom wire, kapton tape, Thermostat
what will it cost?
I estimate the costs for about 250-300$