Something Big (2) - Light stand

The idea for this project was to make a stand for the lampshade I made for the first week (it was Tiffany’s idea)... and use a basic unit that will allow the stand to change its form by rotating the units.
For this project I made two prototypes. The first one didn’t work as ewll as I expected so I corrected it made some more cutting on the waterjet.

The process

The first basic unit had a circle and two flexible arms.

The arms were to flexible and it couldn’t hold the shape.

I had to use zip ties to hold it together and prevent the structure from falling apart.

Even with the zip ties it couldn’t hold the weight of the lampshade from week one, so I attached a light bulb to the last unit instead.

The flexure I used in the ase of the stand worked pretty well. It allowed rotation but had enough friction for staying still.

I decided to redesign the basic unit with this type of flexure.

This time it worked fine. The units snaped together well and I was able to change the form of the stand.