How To Make (almost) Anything
Wednesdays 9:00-12:00 E14-633


09/05: introduction, computer-aided design
no section
09/12: project management, computer-controlled cutting
section: version control, design tools
09/19: electronics production
no section
09/26: 3D scanning and printing
section: inflatables
10/03: electronics design
section: Vik Muniz, making art
10/10: molding and casting
section: Mike Dean, lasercutters
10/17: embedded programming
section: intro to programming
10/24: computer-controlled machining
section: digital oscilloscopes
10/31: input devices
section: analog and digital filters
11/07: composites
section: biofabrication
11/14: output devices
section: technology and development
11/21: interface and application programming
no section
11/28: networking and communications
section: finite element multiphysics modeling
12/05: mechanical design, machine design
section: new CAD interfaces
12/12: project development
section: project development
12/18: final project



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