Project planning

what will it do?
BIO-GLASSES: integrate EEG, pulse (photo-plethysmography of blood volume) and an accelerometer into 3D printed glasses with BlueTooth communication and a re-chargable battery

who's done what beforehand?
Cornell / Chipstein's EEG (adapted by Charles and myself into FabECG):,
Easy Pulse:
Great bio-sensing work:
Sparkfun accelerometer:
Sparkfun: lithium ion battery re-charging circuit
Sparkfun: FTDI Bluetooth chip
Ourselves: FabSampler and FabSampler Bluetooth
Ourselves: preliminary glasses frame designs

what materials and components will be required?
Several op amps / instrumentation amplifiers
Sparkfun accelerometer, bluetooth chip and lithium ion charger
TCRT1000 IR reflectance sensor

where will they come from?
We mostly have these already

how much will it cost?
Final cost breakdown to follow when we fully open-source this. Less than $100 of new components.

what parts and systems will be made?

what processes will be used?
modella, 3d printer, embedded programming, bluetooth networking

what tasks need to be completed?
Adam (pre-Thursday-night): make FabPulse, improve FabEEG, integrate these with FabSampler
FabPulse (detects pulse but is un-reliable and gain stage not working yet):

Charles (pre-Thursday-night): make master sampler board, integrate with accelerometer chip, FabSampler output and Bluetooth
Both (post-Thursday-night): make frames and wiring, iterate over board connection schemes and form factors, software visualization prototype, testing

what questions need to be answered?
Are we seeing real EEG?
What is the proper placement for the pulse sensor for reliability?
How much of a battery do we have room for?
How much processing should be off-loaded to a PC or smartphone via bluetooth?

what is the schedule?
Ordering a few last things like the charging circuit.
Aiming for ugly but integrated prototype Thursday night.
Iterate after that.

how will it be evaluated?
A couple of versions out from the end of the class, is this easily usable and useful? Does someone to wear it?
Does this change the way people think about DIY bio-sensing and sensor integration?


with Noah and Charles

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Motor shield output pattern:

Bipolar stepper board output pattern with modified code (changed PWM timings, inverted clear vs. set since the H-bridge inverts -- attempting to match motor shield output pattern which works for this the linear pipette stepper):