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final project

mirror mirror on the wall...

this project is a critique of how mirrors have always been a mythical part of the history of the human kind, this proposal arises the question of how technology and design can reinterpratate a mirror and open a new imaginarium...

computational design / digital fabrication / programming / output devices / input devices

what will it do?

modify the image that is recorded via webcam & produce sound with image / data that collects

who's done what beforehand?

architects, designers, the innovation is on the research for the boundaries of computational design and digital fabrication

what materials and components will be required?

blue foam, hydrostone, small lcd display, 4 small speakers & webcam / fabduino / hello speaker

where will they come from?

foam, hydrostone & board electronics from cba, speakers, webcam & display I will buy them

how much will it cost?

$50 dollars + $300 personal budget

what parts and systems will be made?

fabrication of the frame & visualization-electronics

what processes will be used?

parametric modeling tool, molding & casting, programming, programming

what tasks need to be completed?

mill cnc shop bot, casting, programming & fabricate boards

what questions need to be answered?

how to programm a webcam to disturb the output video & how to create sound from visual input

what is the schedule?

Wednesday: Mill mold / Thursday: Cast frame / Friday: Programm webcam & vieo / Saturday: Assemble the mirror

how will it be evaluated?

this project is a combination of advanced computational design modeling using GenerativeComponents and MAYA, this specific workflow enables to the designer the possibility to create beyong techniques and simple plug-inns. The goal is to combine input and output data to create an object that interacts with the users, reinterpretate an mythical element and searchs for a new sens of aesthetics.