From a scribble to a stool

Using Linen and Epoxy to make a scribble-like seat.

The goal for this week: Make something using composites

The Plan: To make something using composite materials

The advantages presented by composites are strength related. A composite material can be strong in both tension and compression if it combines materials which exhibit these qualities. For example, fabric and resin.


1. Make the mold. I used paper to create a shape for the stool. I covered the paper with a thin layer of plastic so that I would be able to apply mold release to the form.

2. I cut the linen into long strips, stapled them into a tube so that the edges would be smooth.
3. I rolled the strips before and during dipping them in expoxy. By
4. I squeezed out any excess liquid from the fabric before wrapping it round the frame.

Preparing the Vacuum

5. Covered the model in breather and padding to ensure that the vacuum would spread accross the whole model
6. Sealed the model inside the vacuum bag
7. ensure that the nozzle is 2inches inside the bag.

12 hours later....

Upon returning I was disappointed with the vacuum, it didn't pull air strongly enough, so the model resembles the original form, with smooth patches where the plastic was in contact with the epoxy. The breather didn't take in any epoxy at all.

8. Remove the support material.

9. Test it in the wet park, and with real people.