Final Project

progress report



A remote communication device, taking temperature information from outside a window and translating it into a drawing by a robot.

What has been done so far? remote bench.
any kind of wireless printer
drawing robots


acrylic sheet 3 motors BOM: McMaster, Blick.


Laser cutter, Roland Modela, Soldering, programming using Arduino and Processing environments, debugging.


Planning a circuit, designing the board, fabrication, programming, interface design, networking and communications

workflow: (1) Temp sensor + LED -> (2)phototransistor + LED -> (3) remote communication device -> (4) robot -> (5) draws out weather

(1) Circuitboards milled - still need to stuff, program and test
(2) Circuitboard designed and milled - still need to stuff, test and program. Still need to adjust the filters on the OpAmp to ensure that the colors are communicated correctly
(3) Xbees arrived yesterday - programming today and tomorrow
(4) Piccollo - using their files and adapting the functionality and programming - parts cut. still to be assembled and tested.
(5) Need to design an environment - paper, pens, graphics.
(6) programming -

Plan for completion:
Wednesday: Finish circuitboards, stuffing and programming.
Thursday: program Xbees so that they communicate.
Friday: Assemble and debug piccollo.
Sunday: Communication testing - Getting each stage to speak to the next.
Monday: General debugging refining of visual output.