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Austin S. Lee is a multimedia designer and researcher. He graduated with a BFA at college of design, Kookmin University. Years later, he earned MFA from the Graduate Media Design Program at Art Center College of Design where he created a hybrid-Rube Goldberg machine that opened a gigantic aircraft hangar door built during the World War2. In 2010, he was awarded NASA Space Grant to work at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory(JPL) as a visual strategist. He was extremely excited when he learned about the Fab Lab upon his arrival at MIT in the fall of 2011 as an RA at the Media Lab's Tangible Media Group. He has been genuinely inspired by the idea of enabling individuals to create their own meaningful technological futures and believes that the How To Make class will help him become a creative educator that supports this vision. (FYI, he is dedicating this website to Hongji, love of his lifetime and promises that he would build anything for her if she marries him one day.) Link to Austin's personal website:    
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