Epoxy Pavilion

For composites assignment, I decided to try to create a porous shell structure. As a first step I molded an organic form using Shopbot.

I designed the form in Rhino.

Using a little help from Guillermo, I was able to generate toolpaths in Mastercam.

I sent the file to shop bot, and milled. We needed to drill the foam to screw down to table, since the foam height was too much.

Final mold.

I used Grasshopper to generate a voronoi pattern to be casted on the mold.

I used lasercutter to cut patterns on linen. Using the same settings with bristol was enough. I created three different groupings of the pattern to be able to make the composit structure better.

Painted mold before the epoxy application.

I applied my pattern on the mold.

Finally I made a vacuum bag and leave it for drying.