Alphabet Blocks Press-Fit

A press-fit construction kit

Laser cutters are AWESOME. I wanted to experiment with the etching in addition to cutting so I decided to make some alphabet blocks for my kids (age 4 and 18 months). I wanted them to fit together in different ways (not just blocks) so I made some joining wafers in circular and square shapes.

I ended up using Corel Draw on the Windows side because I wanted to take advantage of the print driver's automatic detection of raster vs. vector graphics for the letters vs. the cutting. All in all, it was pretty smooth. The whole alphabet (26 big letters) did take about 1/2 hour to fully print out.


It worked! The block joined together!

You can use the letter cards to spell things, too. And laser cutting is sexy.

You can assemble things into more things. I imagine you could make a little alphabet city.

My older son was super into this kit. He spelled out "yes" and "no" and then made a robot who would answer your questions with "yes" or "no" blocks.

I asked the robot if he wanted to go to bed and he answered an emphatic "NO".