Shark Attack!!

Inputs & Sensors

I made the step response transmit-receive sensor. My project consists of behavioral modification leggings that beep at you and threaten you with a shark attack whenever you cross your legs while working. The below video should be pretty self-explanatory.


The first thing I did was mill and solder my board based on the step response transmit-receive board outlined in class. Valentin gave me some tips on soldering after looking at my joints and actually helped trace a short with the microscope.

Valentin and Laura both helped me with the programming since I had only used Arduino during the electronics design week. The strange thing we ran into was that we actually had to hold down the jumper cable while uploading the program to the board. If we didn't hold it down then I got the rc=-1 error.

At first I tested the programmed board with two pieces of scrap copper in my office - it worked after I installed the FTDI drivers and figured out how to call the python program with the correct port ('python /dev/tty.usbserial-FTF6JX7Y')

Once I got the program working, I decided to make the sensor more interesting so I created leggings out of the very fashionable transparent vinyl leftover from my ball last week.

I modified the python program to trigger the browser to open this shark attack image and play a loud, terrible beep whenever a certain threshold was reached. Here's my modified python program and here's the loud, terrible beep.