Shark Attack v. 2

Interface programming

I improved my step response transmit-receive sensor and also used this week to make headway on my final project's web interface. My sensor project consisted of behavioral modification leggings that beep at you and threaten you with a shark attack whenever you cross your legs while working. The below video should be pretty self-explanatory.

This week I also worked a lot on the web interface for my final project.

I made wireframes for the online component of my project where users will upload audio files to a website. (These files will later be downloaded and play on the networked public sphere).

I'm connecting this project to an existing project that I'm working on to make a voice petition tool to launch a campaign to erase the US-Mexico border on the Tohono O'odham reservation.

This wireframe describes the user experience which begins with an introductory slideshow/text/poem and then leads to a page where the user can record their voice.

Here's as far as I got - first the opening slideshow which then leads into a webpage. I tried getting the audio recording up and running but ran into problems.