Project Management Failure


This week we learned about networking components. Late last week, I researched various options to get microcontrollers on the Internet discussed in class including the Sagrad module, Internet0 and the Wiznet. However, I got waylaid by trying to make some progress on my final project first.


I decided to make simple platform beds for my kids. This week, I designed the files and cut them on the shop bot.

I had some extra space on this wood so I also designed some wooden trivets to give as Christmas gifts.

The wood I'm using is birch. The rails of the beds have designs on them. I stained the wood first and then cut for a two-tone effect.

Cutting three sheets took waaaaaay longer than I thought. It took up the entire day Monday early morning thru the evening.

Back to the topic at hand - the class assignment - I decided to do the basic asynchronous node setup. But when I finally started milling my boards I ran into a number of issues with the bed on the modela not being totally flat. It would mill in one place and not in another.

After lots of wrestling, I managed to get the four boards milled.

But even after deburring there were a number of issues with the milled boards and bits that needed to be separated with an exacto. At this point it was late on Tuesday and I realized that I spent way too much time on my final project this week and didn't leave enough time for the assignment. So, unfortunately I wasn't able to finish by classtime.