Week 11 - Output Devices

Chintan Vaishnav


Create a board to drive an output device. After several trials to vinyl cut different boards, I resigned to milling the speaker board.

Vinyl Cutting Trials

I experimented much with vinyl cutting this week. While I have not yet succeeded in cutting a full circuit, I can speak about several improvizations that might help. I will continue to try it to see if there is a combination of techniques that could make vinyl cutting easier.

The process for vinyl cutting has the following steps: 1. open traces png file with a fab module to convert to .camm; 2. turn on the vinyl cutter and set the role, origin, and pinch roler; 3. vinyl cut the circuit; 4. after cutting out your circuit, stick the white masking tape no the copper, remove the back sticker and stick the glossy white sheet on the other side (this sheet will be come the base for the circuit; 5. weed the excess material, and your cirtuit will be ready.

Here's what I tried

One of my many bad boards where I ultimately ended up ripping a track.

I then got into a bunch of experimentation.

Can tools help you?

Tools I tried for weeding.

Can the Vinyl Cutter help you?

I ran a bunch of experiments with the Vinyl cutter. These experiments were along two dimensions: (a) inverting the board image to control whether the machine works on tracks or the excess material, and (b) to alter settings on the fab module to control cutting vs. etching.

Here are a few things that will make weeding easier (I am still playing with them).

Speaker Board

After failing to vinyl cut for two days, I settled for making a speaker board by milling and stuffing it.

speaker board setup

Milling and stuffing went fine, but I am stuck on not being able to download the program onto the board. The "make -f program-usbtiny" works only intermitantly and partially. Both usbtiny and avrisp exhibit the same symptoms.

Here is a screen shot.